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Israel to demolish East Jerusalem

││Israeli authorities on Tuesday delivered a home demolition order to Ibrahim Dwayyat from Sur Bahir in East Jerusalem, the brother of Shurouq Dwayyat, who Israel accuses of attempting to stab an Israeli settler earlier this month.

Their mother told Ma'an that the Israeli municipality claimed the home had been built without the necessary permits.
She said that her son began building the house four years ago and in a few months had planned to get marry and move into the home.
She said that Israeli authorities recently stormed the building where they took photos and took down its measurements.
It was not initially clear whether the demolition was intended as a punitive demolition following an alleged attack by Ibrahim's 18-year-old sister, Shurouq.
Shurouq was shot and injured by a 35-year-old Israeli settler in Jerusalem's Old City after she allegedly attempted to stab him on Oct. 7.
Israeli media said at the time that the man sustained light injuries, while medics told Ma'an that Shurouq was shot four times in her upper body, leaving her in serious condition.
Witnesses told Ma'an that she had been assaulted by the Israeli settler and did not have any sharp objects on her at the time of the incident.
After initially being treated at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem, Shurouq was later taken to Hasharon prison.
Her mother told Ma'an that several days ago, Israeli forces detained another of her sons, 22-year-old Muhammad, and have since sentenced him to six months of administrative detention, without trial or charge.
She added that Israeli authorities had refused family visits to Shurouq after she was shot.
Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called to fast track the demolition of family homes of alleged attackers, following a series of attacks that have left nine Israelis dead.
Human rights groups have criticized Netanyahu's call as an unlawful form of collective punishment due to its displacement of Palestinians who have not committed crimes.
In a statement released last year, Human Rights Watch stated that the demolitions may also constitute a war crime as they are carried out in occupied territory.│Geopolitical International Council over Middle East-International Affairs Council over Middle East │ Consejo de Asuntos Internacionales sobre Medio Oriente-Consejo Internacional Geopolitico sobre Medio Oriente المجلس الدولي الجيوسياسي حول الشرق الأوسط - ‎المجلس الشؤون الدولية الاوسط‎ حول الشرق - │
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